33,873 stocks
913 Vietnamese
62,565,284 records
78 countries
. Market data, fundamental, executives & boards members
17,141 indexes
1,280 Vietnamese
35,121,134 records
179 countries
. Performance, risk, constituents, ETF, derivatives
4,060 codes
15,269,389 records
254 countries
. Currencies, commodities, bonds & rates

VNEFRC is an academic cooperative project in order to centralize in a single point of access to different sources and types of data and documentation useful for research in Finance. The information mainly cover Vietnam and Asian regions. Comparative data from other countries and regions are also available.

Empirical research concerning financial markets is currently hindered by several factors, among others the high access costs to financial and stock exchange data and the difficulty to obtain quality data. That is why the VNEFRC works to create verified, controlled and homogeneous databases over long periods, the same way CRSP does with American data, or EUROFIDAI for Europe.

The database covers different areas: economics, commodities, currencies, interest rates, bonds, equities, indexes, mutual funds, ... for vietnamese and international markets.

The second mission consists of building a bibliographical database on the research production in finance in universities and research centers, indexing finance theses and working papers, along with links to the original documents.

The third mission is to offer high output computing capabilities, available to researchers who are interested in short term access to high performance and volume computing. With cloud computing technology and servers, the VNEFRC can provide researchers with an on-demand computer cluster for the required short period.